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JHGSHW Lots of work on the site over Easter - rugby players will be pleased to know the pitch has been levelled.
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JHGSHW RT @JHGSCricket Reminder that the senior squad has pre-season training on Thursday, 13:00 to 16:00 at High Wycombe CC. Bring kit and appro…
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JHGSHW RT @RealGeoffBarton Lovely tribute to Adrian Mole and his brilliant creator by @alicevjones @IndyVoices…
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JHGSHW RT @RealGeoffBarton Sad news about the death of Sue Townsend. A reminder of why we love Adrian Mole: (via @Colvinius and @KathViner
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JHGSHW "With her passing something of our childhood has also gone." Former JHGS pupil @sameerahim on Sue Townsend @Telegraph…
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JHGSHW Some of the new banners in the dining room - in school colours!
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JHGSHW The Further Maths Network have some excellent revision videos, including many A-level modules & some GCSE material…
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Glitz and Glam - Saturday 28th June​

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